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Will $6 TRILLION in Bailouts Cause Hyperinflation? Education 

Will $6 TRILLION in Bailouts Cause Hyperinflation?

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Let’s talk about inflation and where to invest. And finally, the end of the🍀SaintPatricksDay🍀 sale for **30% OFF** any program – expires at 6pm PST today – designs are finally done; sorry it seems like I extended too long; my fault.

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Inflation has become a common enemy of countries and investors. When we hear of Central Banks loosening monetary policy and the potential risk of inflation due to “helicopter money,” we get fearful that the money we work hard for will become less valuable — it’ll cost more money to buy the things we’re used to buying. And this makes sense – but deflation can be even worse. So how do we handle investing in a time of potential inflation? And will we see hyperinflation? While it’s possible inflation will go up, continuing to invest in the most-inflation-protected assets is extremely critical. While some consider selling, I will keep adding to my portfolio and investing where there’s trust. Like it or not, the United States Dollar, the world’s currency reserve AND petrodollar, tends to be the most trusted currency in the world – minimizing the risk of hyperinflation. While this status could change or evolve, it might be our best choice today. And since assets tend to “Rise with the tide” of inflation, it might make sense to invest in stocks and dividend-producing assets. Also, since debt because less of a burden as inflation happens, real estate could be a powerful inflation-protection tool as well. These two are my favorites, followed by precious metals and TIPS.

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