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What happens after Boris Johnson gets his Brexit majority?! News & Politics 

What happens after Boris Johnson gets his Brexit majority?!

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Now that we look to be on course for a Conservative Party majority government and a Boris Johnson Withdrawal Agreement treaty Brexit, what is the implementation period likely to bring?


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One of the concepts in the political declaration that forms the basis for negotiations towards forging our new UK-EU relationship, is that the closer the ties between us, the freer the trade will be.

Which basically means that the more EU based rules and regulations we observe within the UK the more freely the trade will flow – well between the UK and the EU that is. Because the rest of the world may well be kept out as a result of such tight ties.

Something the Eurocrats would love.

So that may well be the route that the EU negotiators try to guide us down as the talks progress.

But the trouble is that the tighter the links with the EU, the less likely that trade deals with nations across the world will able to be negotiated, unless the EU once again does it all for us.

And the Standard reports that, according to Charles Grant, director at the Centre for European Reform, the UK may end up with a Canada minus deal unless we accept to maintain those really close ties with Brussels.

And this he says is down to EU fears of a super competitive ‘Singapore-on-Thames’.

So one assumes that Brussels will try, just like before, to inject all sorts of fears about EU-UK trade into the talks that they can and hope that there are still enough pro-EU parliamentarians in play in Westminster to aid their cause.

And writing in Brexit Central, Brexiteer QC Martin Howe, says that the EU will repeat the tactics it used in the EU Withdrawal Agreement negotiations, by trying to convince us that we need to extend the transition phase while we steam towards the 31st December 2020 deadline. All in the hope that they can once again squeeze all manner of concessions from us.

And Howe says one of the main aims of the EU will be to “…push the UK into an agreement which imposes the highest possible barriers against goods imports into the UK from the rest of the world”.

With their desired result of maintaining “…tariff-free access for EU goods exports into the UK market, while giving as little away as possible on services (where the UK has a surplus).”

And it will do that, he says, by keeping the UK inside the transition phase for as long as possible while it tries to lock us down.

Now, if we’d been going into the transition phase with the last lot of MPs in parliament, we would be looking at the avid acceptance of extending everything they could into the future, in the hope of reversing Brexit.

But after the General Election this might, and I repeat might, change.

What we need to see is a government with sufficient control over its own MPs to be able to keep the deadline of the 31st of December 2020 in place and, if necessary, we leave the next day without any deal.

Now, one of the worries expressed by Brexiteers had been that the ECJ could impose an implementation period extension on us, via ECJ supremacy, over the coming year.

But Martin Howe refutes this and says that such an extension could only come about through a sovereign decision by the UK.

And that now means we need a large enough Brexit majority of Tory and Brexit supporting MPs to prevent that coming about.

Oh, and more no-deal preparations too – don’t forget, we need that as an insurance policy.

So let’s see what the election throws up.

Now here’s a quick snippet of news for you.

According to a Savanta ComRes poll for the Telegraph, support amongst the working classes for the Tory party has surged in the last couple of years.





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