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5G: Hype or Reality | Crossfire S02Ep03 Autos & Vehicles Education 

5G: Hype or Reality | Crossfire S02Ep03

Source: Youtube About 40 years back, R2D2 projected a pleading hologram of Princess Leia in real time during a pivotal scene in Star Wars. We are still waiting for a similar technology to make its way into consumer devices, but rumour has it that 5G technology could potentially do it. But how much of it is hype and how much reality? Are we ready for 5G technology from a cybersecurity point of view? Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq and Vijay Jaswal. CTO of SoftwareAG discuss the pros and cons of…

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5G Business Innovations | Verizon Enterprise Solutions Education Science & Technology 

5G Business Innovations | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Source: Youtube Learn more about the business innovations with 5G in this video from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Discover how businesses can adopt technology that will empower new possibilities that tomorrow’s world will demand. With 5G, retailers can utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand the purchase history of customers and personalize their shopping experience. Furthermore, 5G will help expand possibilities for the Internet of Things that could improve operations in nearly every industry. Leverage this video when you want to spark a conversation about business potential, and how our 5G…

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