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Brexit talks resume under coronavirus cloud News & Politics People & Blogs 

Brexit talks resume under coronavirus cloud

Source: Youtube Thursday, April 30, 2020 Brexit talks resume under coronavirus cloud | Ирина Елисеева British and EU officials were scheduled to restart Brexit trade talks Monday after a break because of the coronavirus, which is making an end-of-year deal look even more unlikely.  #Ирина_Елисеева

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Juniper’s 5G Story Education Science & Technology 

Juniper’s 5G Story

Source: Youtube Juniper provides all of the key building blocks to enable service provider transformation in the Cloud + 5G + AI era. With each of these building blocks, Juniper will enable a shift across three dimensions – network architecture, operational economics and services. These shifts are not just at the network and operations level, but also support the business model transformation that service providers require to create value, ensure relevancy and compete in this new decade.

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In a 5G network it is the cloud that is the platform Education Science & Technology 

In a 5G network it is the cloud that is the platform

Source: Youtube Earlier this year, VM bought the artificial intelligence and machine learning company Uhana. In this interview, VMware’s VP of Data Analytics, Kit Beal, explains that by acquiring Uhana’s considerable expertise in data science and its deep understanding of mobile and data networks, the cloud, mobility and 5G and combining them with VMWare’s huge, 20 year-long experience of virtualisation technologies, the company will bring AI and ML to the mobile network to enable the delivery of a massively enhanced experience for the user and much improved economics for CSPs….

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5G Will Disrupt Industries And Business Models Education News & Politics 

5G Will Disrupt Industries And Business Models

Source: Youtube The advent of 5G will spark an explosion of new data vastly increasing demand for cloud-based storage and services. Can the cloud expand fast enough? What industries will it disrupt? What new business models will it create? Li Shuo, Deputy General Manager of AI Cloud Group and Head of AI to Business, Baidu Enita Pu, Partner, Sequoia Capital China Zhang Xia, Principal Enterprise Strategic Evangelist, Greater China, Amazon Web Services Moderator: Adam Lashinsky, Executive Editor, FORTUNE; Co-chair, FORTUNE Global Tech Forum Subscribe to Fortune – FORTUNE is a…

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