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電信業壯大5G生態圈!搶布局遠距診療.智慧球場 NCC通過5大電信業5G競標資格│非凡新聞│20191120 Education News & Politics 

電信業壯大5G生態圈!搶布局遠距診療.智慧球場 NCC通過5大電信業5G競標資格│非凡新聞│20191120

Source: Youtube 隨著明年5G建設將陸續開始建置,各大電信業者也搶先布局相關應用,像是遠傳就攜手3家醫療中心,建立起5G遠距診療平台,中華電信則是積極扶持新創團隊,推廣5G產業生態圈,至於台灣大哥大,也在新莊打造智慧棒球場,不過隨著12月10號,5G正式開始競價,電信三雄也勢在必得,恐怕會再掀起一波銀彈大戰。 #非凡新聞#5G#競標#電信業#遠距醫療#NCC 更多內容 敬請鎖定 【非凡新聞台】【非凡商業台】 非凡電視台YouTube頻道 非凡電視台IG 非凡電視台粉絲團 非凡電視台官網

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In a 5G network it is the cloud that is the platform Education Science & Technology 

In a 5G network it is the cloud that is the platform

Source: Youtube Earlier this year, VM bought the artificial intelligence and machine learning company Uhana. In this interview, VMware’s VP of Data Analytics, Kit Beal, explains that by acquiring Uhana’s considerable expertise in data science and its deep understanding of mobile and data networks, the cloud, mobility and 5G and combining them with VMWare’s huge, 20 year-long experience of virtualisation technologies, the company will bring AI and ML to the mobile network to enable the delivery of a massively enhanced experience for the user and much improved economics for CSPs….

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【存股敵8個2】第8集!|募爆!5G ETF 2萬元能入手?股魚挑3檔新ETF 免選股賺26%|李兆華、股魚《理財達人秀》2019.11.11 Education News & Politics 

【存股敵8個2】第8集!|募爆!5G ETF 2萬元能入手?股魚挑3檔新ETF 免選股賺26%|李兆華、股魚《理財達人秀》2019.11.11

Source: Youtube 曉編:免選股?? 這麼好康!!!(敲碗敲碗 #存股 #5GETF #存股敵8個 (01:55) 3檔ETF嫩妹新貨到 股魚獨鍾它看好狂飆 (11:00) 掌握全球AI概念股? 學姐做 口碑留意學妹 (26:10) 5G產業上下游多到爆 自己選股淘金難度高 (36:00) 3檔新銳ETF優缺點整理 依個性選擇投資標的 本節目與分析師所推介個股,無不當之財務利益關係,資料僅供參考,投資人應獨立判斷,審慎評估並自負投資風險。 ◆訂閱《理財達人秀》頻道 : #不看盤投資術 #配息 #ETF #基金經理人 #指數追蹤 #流動性 #債券 #募資 #存股工程師 #0050 #降息 #信用評等

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5G Will Disrupt Industries And Business Models Education News & Politics 

5G Will Disrupt Industries And Business Models

Source: Youtube The advent of 5G will spark an explosion of new data vastly increasing demand for cloud-based storage and services. Can the cloud expand fast enough? What industries will it disrupt? What new business models will it create? Li Shuo, Deputy General Manager of AI Cloud Group and Head of AI to Business, Baidu Enita Pu, Partner, Sequoia Capital China Zhang Xia, Principal Enterprise Strategic Evangelist, Greater China, Amazon Web Services Moderator: Adam Lashinsky, Executive Editor, FORTUNE; Co-chair, FORTUNE Global Tech Forum Subscribe to Fortune – FORTUNE is a…

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