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How to Make Money $100 A Day In #Clickbank Without a website 2019 – Online Money Maker Product Reviews 

How to Make Money $100 A Day In #Clickbank Without a website 2019 – Online Money Maker

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How to Make Money $100 A Day In #Clickbank Without a website 2019 – Online Money Maker

Make Money Software:

One problem I find with affiliates is that they rely too much on what I call ‘passive marketing’. For example, writing articles, submitting them to article sites, and expecting cash to roll in.

Well, sometimes it is better to be more aggressive with your marketing of Clickbank products. This is a simple guide which outlines a simple way to make $100+ a day with Clickbank.

I will be using my own product as an example, but it can be applied to any Clickbank product.

Step 1
Search the market place for the product you want to promote. Eg ‘mypadmedia’. Copy your link.

Step 2
Go to a site like URL Shortener and Link Management Platform to shorten the URL to something like ‘Unauthorized Affiliate – error page’

Step 3
Search Google for iPad forums. Sign up to one forum at a time. Avoid iLounge.

Step 4
On each forum you have signed up to, repeatedly post as many friendly real-looking messages promoting your link and acting as if youre a happy customer. For example:

“hey guys, there’s been some talk on here about myPadMedia and I thought I’d give it a review after getting my iPad.

I’ve been a member for 2 days now and so far its been really good.

I’ve been able to download all the Harry Potter books, the entire Twilight Series, some David Balducci books, and even the comic book of that new movie ‘Kick-Ass’.

You can try it for yourself at – Unauthorized Affiliate – error page

Who else is a member?”

Feel free to post this same message as many times on the one forum in as many different sections. By the time a mod gets around to deleting your messages, you will have heaps of visitors to your link.

You will probably get banned, but who cares. Just move onto the next forum and keep on posting. Even revisit the next day and create a new account.

Step 5
Do this for at least 45 minutes, and you will have at least 1 guaranteed sale of $34. Do this for about 2 hours and you will definitely have at least 3 sales equaling over $100 for the day.

Not bad at all!

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