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How To Make A WordPress Website And Make Money Online 2019 ( $100/Day – 4 Simple Methods) Product Reviews 

How To Make A WordPress Website And Make Money Online 2019 ( $100/Day – 4 Simple Methods)

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How to properly make a website and earn money, in fact, I’m a show you 4 ways you can start making money online with your website today.

So By the end of this video tutorial, my goal is for you to have your website properly set up to start making money.


In fact, one way which is killer is I send people straight to a checkout page on our website.. no complicated sales funnel.

I call this the one-page funnel and we get people purchasing daily.
You will see how powerful this is when I show you how to properly set up your money making website.

… I can’t wait to show you.

1) Money Making Website Introduction 00:00:00

2) Get Domain & Hostgator Hosting 00:08:45
(Use Coupon wordpresshero)

3) Install WordPress 00:10:24

4) Login To WordPress 00:12:37

5) Dashboard Settings 00:12:40

6) Install Theme 00:19:13

7) Installing Succesful Website Plugins 00:20:40

8) Creating the Hybrid Home Page 00:31:35

9) Access Blog Resources: 00:32:25

10) Adding a video header 00:45:53

11) Create Your About Us Page & Contact Page 00:54:22

12) Selling Tips With Your Website 00:59:08

13) Creating Your Money Making Content 01:01:35

14) Selling Strategy 1. The One Page Funnel 01:06:25

15) Selling Strategy 2. Selling Other Peoples Stuff For quick cash 01:14:37

16) Selling Strategy 3. Amazon Cash Machine 01:27:42

18) Create Blog Menu & Blog Optimization 01:39:35

19) Hybrid Homepage linking to Offers 01:45:15


Now just a heads up this might not be for everyone you got to be committed to this and if you apply this information you can potentially start making $100 a day or more with strategies I’m gonna teach you.

SI get dialed in because if you’ve ever struggled to make money online before, the struggle is finally over because what I’ll be sharing with you today will mean cash in your bank account FAST!

Essentially, what I’m giving you in this video is a roadmap to making money with your website which is awesome!


You should be because this is going to be a fun, easy and more importantly, profitable experience…

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

You’ll discover how to maximize the earning potential of your website by leveraging conversion driven content

I’ll show you how to optimize your website so you can start bringing a ton of traffic to your website quickly, easily and for FREE

I’m gonna show you how you can sell your products or services with the one-page funnel

And lastly, I’m going to show you not one, but TWO really neat ways you can start profiting from other people’s products immediately and one other simple way to start making money with your website.

All of these steps combined are going to help you make money today…and as a bonus, I’m going to teach you how to create my signature hybrid homepage which is going to help you make even MORE money fast.

That’s because my hybrid homepage is designed to deeply engage your audience and will practically compel visitors to keep coming back to your website and turn into subscribers and then ultimately buyers.

Now this tutorial is jam-packed with the good stuff…

online marketing- selling your stuff.
affiliate marketing selling other peoples stuff. (clickbank)
Amazon affiliate marketing

So, switch off your phone, turn off Facebook or any other tab you’ve got open and close off ALL distractions because I’m about to pull back the curtain on what I consider to be the fastest, easiest way ever to make money from your website starting from TODAY!

And it’s so easy a complete newbie can do it – really!
The only thing that’s required is application of this information and A willingness to make it happen..

You’re gonna love it, so let’s get dialed in because there’s lots to show you. This video is based on my signature 3 step WTC System which is a proven blueprint to success with your website or even your blog.

So here’s the thing – for years I struggled to make money online and jumped around buying course after course and getting more and more broke and more and more frustrated because I’d make a tiny bit of money and then nothing.

Long story short, I got so tired of being broke that I swore I would stop buying the latest course with money I didn’t even have and just focus on what I found worked.

So when I stripped everything back, I discovered you only need three things to make money online:

You need to:

Build a money-making website

Get targeted, high quality traffic to your website

Turn leads into paying and repeat customers

Three things – website, Traffic, and Customers which is exactly what my WTC system stands for.

That’s it.

So here’s how this tutorial is going to work – I’m going to walk you through how to properly set up your website with the Hybrid homepage which is the foundation of WTC system so you can get started making money today.

So get ready to learn how to make money online in 2019.

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