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How to Make $100 PER Day with Passive Income on Facebook Product Reviews 

How to Make $100 PER Day with Passive Income on Facebook

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How to Make $100 PER Day with Passive Income on Facebook

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If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing (or product marketing for that matter), you’ll need traffic. As many people say, traffic is the lifeblood of an internet marketing business. You also need ways to convert that traffic (to sales or onto your email list). But with no traffic, you don’t even have a chance of conversion. I actually like using a mix of free and paid traffic. But this article is about where to find free traffic sources in 2018 (and beyond). Let’s get started!

Well, this is an obvious one. Facebook is the biggest social platform on the planet, with around 2.2 billion users. A lot of people want to get a slice of that huge pie.

Now Facebook, of course, wants you to pay them to get traffic. They make money from ads! But there are ways to get free traffic from Facebook. They are from pages, groups and profiles.

Facebook fan pages
A lot of people used to make money from Facebook this way. They would create some fan page, get some people to Like it, then put piles of content on it. A mix of value or entertaining content, and promotional content.

And for a while, that worked really well! Then Facebook got very sick of people getting free traffic to commercial offers. They wanted people to pay them advertising revenue. So they turned off the taps.

Over the last few years, Facebook has dialled down organic reach (basically the percentage of people that see your Fan Page posts) from 100% to 50% to 5% and now is around 0.5%. That’s not a typo. Less than one in hundred of your fans will ever see any of your posts.

Facebook instead asks you if want to “boost” your posts, i.e. pay for the privilege of your fans seeing your content. Which is pretty insulting. Why not just shut the organic reach down altogether and just call them ads?

Anyway, this has made fan pages are a pretty useless way to get traffic. There are still three reasons to have a fan page, though.

Firstly, they help with organic reach. Google likes to see that your site has an organic social presence and a name on so-called “Web 2.0” properties such as Facebook pages. Secondly, they are required if you want to run Facebook ads (which I think you should do, though only after you have built up a decent retargeting audience).

Third, you can actually get pretty cheap paid reach by doing a “boosted post” but just paying $1. You might get a bit of engagement, which will actually increase your organic reach. But this article is about free traffic, so let’s move on to the actual free Facebook traffic methods.

Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are a way to genuine free traffic on Facebook. You don’t have to pay Facebook for people to see group posts. Not everyone will see all the posts, it will depend on their engagement with the group. You can get pretty good organic reach with groups.

You can post links and offers in Facebook groups too. The only problem is, you have to look after the group.

If it is a public group, you will have all sorts of people spamming all sorts of things in the group. You might have to do a lot of deleting and blocking to stop it becoming a spam fest (since other marketers understand that Facebook groups are a free traffic source too).

Or you could do a private group. This solves one problem – nobody will be spamming anything unless you approve it. But it creates another problem – you have to spend time moderating and approving posts and comments. You could just ban everything except your posts, but people will leave the group pretty quickly once it is clear that it is simply your advertising channel.

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