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Britain’s Place in a Post-Brexit World | Lisa Nandy | RSA Events Education News & Politics 

Britain’s Place in a Post-Brexit World | Lisa Nandy | RSA Events

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How do we rebuild our international stature, form value-based alliances, and ensure a meaningful and active role for the UK on the global stage after the 31 January?

Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan and candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party, visits the RSA to explore the future role for the UK in the post-Brexit international landscape.

Does our exit from the EU on the 31st January represent a further staging-post in the slow decline of the UK’s influence in world politics? Or can the country rebuild its standing as a leading multilateral player, co-operating with the EU and wider global partners on the major geopolitical challenges of our time, from finding resolution to the ongoing crises in the Middle East to collective global responses to climate emergency? And as the Labour leadership race develops, will a commitment to progressive internationalism and co-operation remain at the heart of the party’s core values and future policy platform?

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